List of Suggestions - Part 5:

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    1. Different letter colors in the LFG show whether you have cooperative quests available, completed, ready to pick, or ready to play. Additionally, include a button with a shield icon at the start of each quest title for fast travel to the quest region.
      • Red: Quest completed.
      • Yellow: Quest ready to take with a quest quiver.
      • Green: Quest ready to play.
    2. Add buildings in the capital city for testing unit upgrades and appearance. Each civilization could have the option to construct every available structure in the game to produce units and observe their functionality while in their own capital. Provide infinite resources for building test structures, units, and upgrades. Optionally, a mini-game for defense or attack scenarios within the capital city could be included.

    3. "The Defense of Crete" and "The Elite Meet in Crete" should provide all optional content of ranked PvP to cooperative, and solo players, along with upgrades and additional abilities for the Wonder. However, it should not transition into Champion mode.

    4. Introduce a race mode featuring ranked PvP with Age 4 advisors, gears, milestones, and enabled consumables. Include large maps, sprinting, and circuit categories, with a separate ranking system based on the best times of the season. Players can select between horses, camels, or elephants and aim for their best time.

    5. For the next Halloween event, consider creating an incredibly challenging tower defense scenario with 60 waves of mummies, corpses, heroic Halloween-themed units, and 6 sides to defend. Implement measures to prevent cheesing the spawn points for added difficulty.
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