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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Hades173, May 9, 2023.

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    Hi, I play AoE Online since beta, i hope help with these suggestions

    Change the way to use the attack move on the mini map by holding Shift in the same way as the move action.

    Change the function of receiving materials by buying, trading and collecting from production: everything that has a counter and adds up to a single amount automatically goes to what already exists.

    Button to accept all missions, when a quest giver have more than one quest to offer you can click in the button for take all.

    Bring back the booster Lucky Of The Empire: Make chests bring better items for 24 hours.

    Immortal Legendary Helmet option to change for original type like Immortal statue from Vanity Island.

    Option to create a second city of each civilization starting from level 20 Return to the function that makes your city receive money from visitors who buy in your stores

    Get access to more in-game decoration items to buy in a new town like vanity island.

    Have access to a map to test all items and edit weapons, accessories and vanity decorations during the game on the map and see how they look with the changes in real time.

    Elite quests for trade: Delphi Limestone, Giza Limestone, Celtic Charcoal, Roman Marble and Mosaic Tiles for level 40, pay triple and more chests, this one let you use Golden Age with 4 advisors and power-ups

    Thanks for read.
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    I approve one of your ideas that you can one click to recieve all quests from a quest giver is pretty useful for those who wanted to do repeatable quests including legendary quests and it saves time to find some co-op players. The staff team should put that in the game.

    Edit: I also approve your one of your ideas that there should be harder (elite) versions on some quests where you get materials should be added too.
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