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Discussion in 'Misc' started by Breakeridis, May 23, 2020.

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    May 23, 2020
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    Hello guys i am new here. I like this game and i would like to try it. Does anyone have any experience with installing it in linux system. I did create a 32 bit prefix via lutris i installed the game there and then dotnet35 and 45, d3dx9, d3dx9_36, d3dx9_40 and l3codecx via winetricks as i found out on forums It also asked me for dotnet 4.7 and did it as well.
    After that the game seems to run smooth and i was happy for that but every time i start a game after 5-10 minutes it just crashes with no error message which leads me to a deadend.
    Any ideas to help?
    Thanks in advance! :)
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