Invasion of Aegitna - Oxubii ship bug

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by ByFstugan, Feb 17, 2021.

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    My wife and I have played "Legendary: Invasion of Aegitna" like 10+ times I think with Egypt/Babylon and failed time after another, once we "made it" like 1 second over time. But last game we would have made if with like 30+ secs mariginal if it were not for a bug that didn't register the death of one of the Oxubii Elite Warships.

    Wife saw it go down, she killed that one first - and when we had killed all else we sent boats to all places it could have hidden (I thought perhaps she had seen wrong and never killed it) - but it was gone. So after time expired we made Watch posts all over map and it really was nowhere (and I'm SURE we didn't kill it post time as well as we looked all over where it could be before time expired). We sent boats both ways around the 12 a clock island and wife came with some of the boats from the top right side, left side we had visual all over - so it's impossible she was wrong when she say she saw it go down. The last place we didn't have time to check before time expired was the 3 to 6 and 6 to 9 (on clock) borders of map only, and I assume those are impossible for it to go anyhow (though it wasn't there either).

    I asked in chat about this, someone said "Valley of the Kings" can have similar bug on the Ahmose priest, but also said someone else claimed it could be due to the killing blow unit got converted just before the killing blow hit. That can hardly be the case for Aegitna though since I've never seen any converting priests there (and can you even convert boats?). It's also weird coding if it's not enough that they are dead and gone from map but have to be killed by an alive friendly unit if this kind of things can happen (if it was that and not just a speculation that's wrong?).

    Also I think this map is to hard - this crazy time limit is better as an optional imo =/ In my book this is even harder than Valley of the King, though it has "only" 4 star for difficulty (though VoK is much harder first 20 minutes). May I suggest you add 10 minutes on time to Aegitna and make a secondary to finish it 10 minutes early (hence same time as now)? This map only has one secondary now anyhow.
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