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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ByFstugan, Apr 5, 2022.

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    I'd like to suggest an improvement to the Empire Vault so it is easier to use and sort.

    1) Make it possible to sort in different parts so I for exampel can put "things I want to sell" in one part, seperated from all rest. An idea would be to use the 5 chests (yellow boxed in image) as different and seperated "folders" (that together build the max capacity) - since we have the arrows (red boxed) we don't really need this chests. So instead of chests being "page 1-5" they would instead be "folder 1-5", that also should be able to give a label with what kind of stuff we got in them.

    2) It would also be nice if we could drag and drop things into certain squares/pages in the vault to get an own sorted logic to it - same way we can do with our regular inventory.

    ...also I wouldn't mind it being possible to expand some more - and that could be
    increasingly expensive per expansion, perhaps costing EP+Gold also since you like to have coin-sinks :)
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