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Do you enjoy the occasional in game giveaways, such as trivia/riddles/guessing, that are run?

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    I apologize for the delay in this competition. The images only just finished uploading kappa.

    Congratulations to the following players:
    Finishedblock21 (150EP), OldCrow (100EP), Christusvincit(100EP), t310s(50EP) and PHOENIX (25EP)! All other nominees will receive consolation prizes of EP.

    Also, congratulations to Twowords (150EP), AdrianMonk59 (100EP) and KrakenKo (50EP) for their short guides on their respective quests.

    This time the competition will be to design a map, with details set out by happy smurf in lovely picture:[​IMG]

    Attached is an example map, with triggers which you won't have to implement. The description is that the Pharaoh's favourite elephant "Betsy" is loose and you have save the food supply! Without editing the file, can you find out how to win, and what will cause you to lose?

    It's a big task so for the moment, I'll give you guys two weeks to make an entry. This time, we'll allow submissions in any reasonable way! You can make a reply to this thread, pop it in discord, upload it to a cloud service and provide a link etc.

    Here's a quick visual for accessing the game editor.

    And don't forget to drop your submissions in the dedicated section on the forums, developers keep an eye on it (which isn't hard since it's empty).

    Good Luck!

    Any changes will be posted in a log below.
    31/05/2018 - original post + images
    03/06/2018 - added missing winners, fixed betsy file

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