Create a vlan for all AoE Online Celeste Players

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by EnriqueGF, May 16, 2019.

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    I talked about that with a developer in the "help" section of Discord server, and i want to translate that discussion here.

    All we know that AoE O don't have an easy way to connect players in the matchmaking, groups, etc, because some people can't open ports and the rest are not in the same vlan.

    So there is a solution that was implemented by FX in Imperivm III in steam that consist in creating a vlan connectable via launcher.


    In this case they forward all the traffic through the VPN, in my opinion this is a effective way to avoid the problem but is a bit aggresive, because all your internet goes out through the vpn. So it's possible to create a network adapter (like hamachi does) that only redirects aoeo traffic. This can be done with OPENVPN. (OpenVPN is open source and can be implemented in launcher)

    I hope you consider this! Thanks you.
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