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    Hello there Celeste players!

    As promised, we are bringing you a quick sneak peek at our upcoming content pack, Conquest of Britannia!

    Travel to the Roman city of Londinium, located in the all new region of Britannia, where for the first time ever, you will get to aid both sides of the ongoing war between the Celts and the Romans, and assist both Boudicca and Crassus!

    As the last major piece of content before the release of the Indian civilization, this content pack includes:

    • 10 New Legendary Quests (five Roman and five Celtic-themed)
      • These quests will also have Repeatable and Elite variants.
    • 6 new Minigame Quests (three Roman and three Celtic-themed)
    • New Global quests, offering Legendary Gear and exclusive rewards
    • New Champion, Repeatable and Elite Mode for Existing Quests (more details below)

    New Legendary Quests
    Coming with this content pack, we will be having 10 new Legendary Quests, all set in a beautiful mixture of different terrain, including the Celtic Autumn terrain sets, offering a variety of visually stunning maps:

    As with all Quest Packs, this one will also include a unique reward for completing every Legendary Quest in the pack, but will also have a global quest for completing all Repeatable and Elite versions of the quests, too. Lots of Coin, Empire Points, Legendary Chests and more await you!

    New Minigame Quests

    If you're more into micro-managing your units and "minigame" type quests, then these are perfect for you! You will get to play against the Romans, helping the Celts, but also against the Celts, helping the Romans. Will you help only one civilization, or both?

    Repeatable, Elite and Champion Mode Quests
    Due to popular demand, we are also adding the Repeatable, Elite and Champion Mode Quests from the Treasures of the Nile and Celtic Invasion of Rome alongside this content pack's release. These quests will all have their own dedicated global quest for tons of awesome rewards. This includes the following quests:
    • Liberating the Lower Nile
    • Liberating Memphis
    • Liberating Fayum Oasis
    • Liberating Giza
    • Liberating Thebes
    • Liberating Dahshur
    • Liberating The Village of Sais
    • The Valley of the Kings
    • The Siege of Clusium
    • The Sea of Holes
    • Get Back!
    • Fabii, You're a Rich Man
    • Come Together
    • Don't Let Me Down
    • Only a Northern Town
    • Battle of the Allia
    • Invasion of Rome
    You will be able to find these quests via new dedicated quest givers in Rhakotis and City of Rome regions, respectively.
    We are very close to finishing this content pack and expect to release it shortly, perhaps within a couple of weeks.

    All current and future content will stay 100% free and accessible to everyone.
    Project Celeste Development Team
    The Romans are here! Watch the Overview Trailer.

    Project Celeste is completely free and always will be. However, we gladly accept donations for our overhead costs, which are larger than we have budgeted. If you want to support us, you can do so HERE.

    Read every Romans related blog HERE.
    Read every Indians related blog HERE.

    Tell your friends! Join our Discord HERE.

    Let us know what you think about the event in the comments below!
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