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    Greetings, fellow Celeste players!

    I am glad to announce that the Community Challenge is back, and this time with better rewards than ever!

    From now on, we will have 2 games of 1v1 and one game of 2v2 per Challenge, which will be streamed on the Official Project Celeste Twitch Channel. Saturday, December 8th at 8pm GMT

    The rewards for participation are as follows:
    • 900 Empire Points for winning, 300 for losing
    • 25,000 Coins for winning, 5,000 for losing
    While signing up, please make sure to include your PvP level (beginner, intermediate, high level) so we have an easier time matching you with an equally skilled opponent! And don't forget to mention if you want to play in the 1v1s or the 2v2!

    As a bonus, players can choose to play against a member of the PvP Balance Team to earn TRIPLE the rewards for winning (and double the rewards for losing).

    Sign-ups are open until Friday 8pm GMT, so don't wait too long to sign up! After that I will post the final thread for this Challenge with the names of the participants.

    Good luck and have fun, everyone. ;)

    Sidenote: If we get more signups, then we can extend the number of matches. It's also good to have extra people ready to play in case of connection issues. You get bonus EP for filling in as a replacement just in case there are connection issues between the initially selected players!
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