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    Greetings fellow PvP'ers!

    Here you will find the list of participants for the Community Challenge of this week! We had more sign-ups than expected so there won't be any matches against the Balance Team (unless, of course, we have connection issues and don't have any replacements), however all participants will earn 1.5x the regular rewards this week only!

    If we have more sign-ups next week, we will extend the number of games for each stream to 4 or even 5 so people get the chance to play against the balance team.

    1v1 Games:

    PedroAlmeida72 vs VindicatoR
    cG_ZertoN vs Totombo
    2v2 Game:

    and asianguy316 vs Totombo and rtsgamer
    The games will be streamed, as usual, on Project Celeste's Official Twitch Channel, Saturday 12/08 at 8PM GMT! See you all there ;)

    Sidenote: If there are connection issues between players, we will ask for replacements from the Twitch viewers. You get bonus Empire Points in addition to the regular rewards for filling in!
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Discussion in 'PvP Challenges/Tournaments' started by PF2K, Dec 7, 2018.

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