Changing equipment colors... via the vanity system

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by gerarddepardieu1, Mar 14, 2024.

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    After scrolling through Discord, a member's question about changing equipment colors made me think of something (I don't know if anyone has suggested something similar).

    We know the limits of the game by the fact that it's impossible to change the color blue.

    But perhaps transposing the .mesh of equipment (common, rare, epic, legendary) on the basis of new ones added by the vanity system with a different color palette would be possible? o_O

    This could start with the entire legendary collection :)

    The only limit would be the armor, but maybe that's possible ? :)

    Or perhaps create a set of equipment (sword, shield, armor, helmet...) linked to a slot, for example the head slot.
    It remains an idea, even if I don't know the limits of the game.
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