Can we finally get a save/load feature in offline mode?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Pr1nc3, Dec 5, 2019.

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    Hello. I've seen this discussed before, but also saw those discussions neglected.

    All I wanted for the past 3 years when it came to gaming was and still is a save and load feature for AOEO. It's one of my favorite games of all time because the content, art style and everything it has is as close to my heart and desires atm as no other game has ever been.

    I don't care about the quests, campaigns, or items. I just want to play it casually offline, and it's ripping me apart because I cannot save and load.

    2 years ago, Project Penelope claimed to have this function but it was broken.
    Then Project Celeste came around and it took the whole revival to another level. I was very excited but it lacked the one thing I really wanted, which I made peace with at the time.

    I played the game for hours lots of days but only half enjoyed it because I couldn't save and load and gave up only because of that. I repeated this out of desperstion but always ended up not playing it after a while because it lacked the feature I needed.
    I never liked AOE or AOE: DE, but out of desperation again I tried to play it. Even though it has ancient civs and save/load function it's just not the game I want to play or can enjoy.

    My last hopes were Empire Apart (non AOE related) and AOE 4, the first in unbearable in terms of art style and the second decided to become AOE2 v2.

    Unfortunately my brain just wasn't made for dev or IT stuff, otherwise I would have done it. I honestly tried to, but it seems like some stuff just aren't meant to be for certain people. I also wanted to hire someone to do this, even though my income is decent, the money they're asking for goes way beyond my annual.

    AOEO with a save and load feature would be the perfect game for my needs and because of which I would probably end up having no life but f*ck it. I'm honestly starting to loose it. Can we please get AOEO save and load feature in simple offline mode through Project Celeste?
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    Yes, please!

    The ability to save/load custom scenarios/ campaigns/random maps could be a huge improvement to make Project Celeste nearly feature complete (that and the ability to change Civ colors ;)). The enduring quality of the game would skyrocket and it may last even beyond the server and remain a beloved (if niche) AOE entry for a very long time, even without the persistent multiplayer.

    This feature definitely has my support!
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