Caesar's Challenge - A $300, Single Elimination 16 Player Open Tournament

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    Age of Empires Online Caesar's Challenge - A $300, Single Elimination 16 Player Open Tournament

    Thanks to Project Celeste

    Challonge Sign up:

    AoEO PvP Discord (Admin, caster & other player contact here!):

    Date & Format:

    The signups will close Monday, 8th April 2024 at 10:00 UTC, or once 16 players have signed up

    The tournament will be played out at a rate of 1 round/series per week. With scheduling determined by matched players.

    Admins can disqualify one or both players of a series over difficulties in communication and scheduling or for failing to show up at a scheduled time they've agreed to without a real reason/emergency. We may be able to delay a series in the event of a legitimate emergency or other unforeseen circumstance for semifinals onwards games only.

    Week 1 - Monday 8th April (after 10:00 UTC) - Sunday 14th April

    Round 1 - Round of 16 - Best of 3

    Week 2 - Monday 15th April - Sunday 21st April

    Round 2 - Round of 8/Quarterfinal - Best of 5

    Week 3 - Monday 22nd April - Sunday 28th April

    Semifinal - Best of 5

    Week 4 - Monday 29th April - Sunday 5th May

    Bronze Final & Grand Final - Best of 5

    Main broadcasting stream - Project Celeste on twitch

    Other casters are welcome to co-cast on the Project Celeste stream alongside us, or help cover Round 1 and Quarterfinal games that aren't being casted on the Project Celeste stream, on their own channels (please avoid using Project Celeste and AOEO assets aside from scoring text in stream overlays if doing so on personal streams). Players also welcome to PoV stream with an advised 30-90 second delay.

    Prize Pool:

    1st - $150... 2,000,000 coin, 15,000 EP

    2nd - $75... 1,500,000 coin, 12,500 EP

    3rd - $50... 1,000,000 coin, 10,000 EP

    4th - $25... 750,000 coin, 7,500 EP

    5th-8th - 500,000 coin, 5,000 EP

    9th-16th - 250,000 coin, 2,500 EP

    100% of tournament donations to Project Celeste during tournament streams will go towards future tournament prize pools!

    Map Pool

    - Equal Footing

    - Ghost Lake

    - Grasslands

    - Acropolis

    - Savannah

    - Treasure Island

    - Inland

    - Sheltered Pass

    The first map in all series is Equal Footing. Subsequent maps will be chosen by the previous game's losing player from the above map pool.

    Each map can only be played once per series.


    Each player can play a civ as many times as they want until they take a win off their opponent. After that, they may not pick that civilization again until the next series.


    - Casters can restart the game within 2 minutes as many times as they want if they discover map imbalances. Players can pause the game (F10) if they find a map imbalance within the first 2 min. Casters will then decide if a restart is needed. - Players can ask for a restart without any needed reason only once per series, within the first 2 min. Please pause the game and message the caster if you would like to restart.

    - Players may pause no more than 3 times a series, aside from the pause-to-restart.

    - Please take no more than 10 minutes between games in a series as a player to be ready, casters have 15. Repeat offenders risk disqualifications, even smokers! - In case of a game crash or an unexpected disconnection happens, the casters and admins will decide if the game is convincingly in favour of any player and will give the map win if necessary. - In case the streamer disconnects/crashes midgame, players can continue playing their game. After the game ends, a screenshot is needed to confirm the outcome.
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    Round 1 Results:
    18:00 UTC Friday 12th April - Tempires vs Panagiotis - casted by PF2K VOD
    03:00 UTC Sunday 14th April - Ardeshir vs Smiga - Ardeshir player stream VOD

    Round 2 Results:
    20:00 UTC Sunday 14th April - Ares vs Panagiotis - casted by Hades VOD
    18:00 UTC Saturday 20th April - Eshwar vs smiga - casted by casted by Spartan & EKA VOD
    20:00 UTC Sunday 21st April
    - EKA vs Koolcat - casted by PF2K & Eshwar VOD
    20:00 UTC Sunday 21st April - Verhuver vs Striker - Forefit by Striker

    Semifinal Schedule:
    Time TBA - Ares vs Verhuver - caster TBA
    Time TBA - Eshwar vs EKA - caster TBA
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