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    Balance Patch #7

    Champion: During internal testing and observing tournament matches, we always felt like Celt had the weakest late game, while especially struggeling in the CvP Matchup. We figured this basically came down to them lacking even a single Unit that can fight in straight-up engagements and since Champions are supposed to fill that role, we felt we needed to further increase their base Hitpoints just a bit more.

    Mounted Archer: Persian MA have proven to be a bit too all around of a Unit, even to the point were they are trading well against Units they are not supposed to counter.

    This can be explained through their unnecessarily high base DPS, hence why we decided to leave their DPS vs cavalry type units untouched while nerfing their damage output vs non-cavalry type units.

    War Dog: Their champion upgrade is one of the only upgrades in the game which does not show they've been upgraded. We changed this to better reflect their power level and make the information you can receive by clicking on an enemy unit more consistent across the board.

    Rams: In our effort to make every upgrade and every unit a useful choice, we gave the Champion ram upgrades a small but significant buff to make them a more viable alternative in the late game compared to ranged siege weapons.

    Balance Patch #7.1

    Priests: Despite the latest buff to their healing rate, Priests still see minor to no use in competitive play. Thus, we decided to give Priests an overhaul, buffing their conversion rate to 15 seconds, in addition to the single target buff they already got in #6.1. Their upgrades have also been adjusted as well as showing players the information whether they've been upgraded or not. We expect to be seeing a lot more frequent use of priests from all civilizations.
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Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by PF2K, Nov 9, 2017.

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