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    Norse Infantry Building Construction Speed
    One of the Norse civilization's unique features is having their infantry units have the ability to build military buildings. This means that they can save a considerable amount of villager gathering time making their military units with their infantry, while their villagers continue gathering resources. However one problem that arose with this ability was that Norse players were able to construct static defenses with incredible speed, particularly Guard Towers in early Age 2 and later on Fortresses in Age 3. This decrease in their building construction speed aims to address this issue. As a small compensation, the Norse Chief's building construction speed has been increased instead of getting decreased like the other infantry units.
    Norse Raider Champion
    Raiders are unique in the fact that they are the only Cavalry unit in the game that takes only 1 population. They are also the fastest unit in the game, matched only by the Egyptian Camel Rider in speed. Raider Champion used to grant Raiders complete snare immunity, which meant that even if you could reach the Raiders with your Spearmen, you would be unable to actually lock them down and kill them because they were able to simply run away at 11 speed again thanks to their snare immunity. We decided to change their snare immunity to snare resistance, in order to reward players being able to position their spearmen well and catch the raiders and stop them from doing damage. In addition, Raiders having some of the highest DPS in the game per population, we felt that them having an extra 100% bonus against villagers is a little too much, especially considering that villagers do not benefit from Armory upgrades.
    Celtic Horsemen
    The Celtic horseman is an overall beefy unit with a lot of base Health and has a bonus multiplier against Cavalry, but we felt that they cost too much food for the amount of work they were getting done. This change aims to address this issue and help make them better units for their cost.
    Caravans are the single most important unit in the lategame economy, supplying you with potentially infinite gold after all the gold mines in the map run out. They are also very expensive compared to villagers, costing 50 wood in addition to 50 food. We felt that Caravans could use some extra protection against ranged units to help them survive a little longer while you send reinforcements to defend your trade route in case of a potential enemy raid.
    After carefully evaluating the last nerf to Saris, we came to the conclusion that it didn't quite go far enough, since their overall tankiness remained untouched. Thus, we are trying out an additional 20 HP nerf for now, but we will closely monitor how this nerf plays out.
    Elephant Archer
    This high tier Egyptian Unit was only of limited use so far, so we decided to address their weakness of being countered too easily by melee cavalry, by increasing their longevity in their base stats, as well as giving their Champion upgrade an additional boost.
    Call to arms
    Since it was very difficult to think of a situation in which you would find yourself researching an upgrade to increase damage on your villagers and since changing only numbers around would not give us the desired result, we decided to change this unique Celtic upgrade into something else. Instead, you can now use the ''Gold Rush'' technology which is available from the Town Center in the third Age, to increase the cargo of Celtic Gold mines, which we think is a much cooler upgrade and at the same time will encourage players to use said building more to gather Gold more safely and more efficiently.
    This change is also part of our effort to make everything that is available in the game of at least some usage, even if it's only used rarely. We hope to achieve more priest usage in the future, both for converting enemy units and increasing their out of combat effectiveness.
    Due to Berserker Champions vastly overperforming in late game scenarios, we decided to rework how their Charge ability functions, as well as lowering their regeneration rate by 2 HP per second. This way they will still have the same power level that they used to have in Age 3, while having their lategame strength toned down a little bit.
    Caravan/Merchant Transport
    In the past, it was a common sight to see large amounts of trading units getting stuck when trying to fit through a choke or bumping into each other. While not exactly a balance change, this was just a frustrating and unnecessary element of the game, which has now been changed.

    Feel free to discuss below! :cool:

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