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    • Pierce Armor increased to 0.30, from 0.20.
    > Balance Team's Comment: Hoplites have been outshined by other Greek units and haven't seen much play. This change should make them more survivable against Ranged balls and let them hold their own as the main frontline of the Age 3 Greek army.

    War Elephant
    • Movement Speed reduced to 6, from 7. Given back via War Elephant Champion.
    • War Elephant Champion cost reduced to 1000g, from 1200g
    > Balance Team's Comment: War Elephants have always been a key unit in the Egyptian army, but we felt that they are too big of a power spike for Egypt in Age 3. This change should reduce that power spike considerably while keeping their power level in the endgame intact.​

    Spearman Champion:
    • Upgrade Cost increased to 200g, from 150g
    > Balance Team's Comment: The Egyptian Spearman Champion upgrade is one of the most impactful Champion upgrades in the game; it allows Egyptians to muster swarms of unrelenting Spearmen at a very low cost. However, they have been overperforming as we feel that the window of time in which you are able to scout them coming is a little too small. This increase in cost should help delay that a little bit, giving players more time to prepare for the oncoming onslaught of Egyptian Spearmen.​




    Stone Thrower:
    • Training time reduced to 25s, from 30s
    > Balance Team's Comment: Stone Throwers are essential for the Celts to defend against armies that consist of lots of high-hp infantry units, like Persian Immortals. Seeing as they can only be trained from the Fortress, a building that cannot be built in mass, we decided to reduce their training time so that you can get more of them out before you are overwhelmed.
    • Pierce Armor increased to 0.85, from 0.70
    > Balance Team's Comment: Celtic Rams are supposed to be cheaper, weaker, but more mobile versions of "regular" Rams. However, they have been performing poorly, even dying to lone Fortresses. This change should help them survive more against the one damage type Siege units shouldn't be countered with, Ranged damage.
    • Splash Damage Protection removed, given back via Horseman Champion
    > Balance Team's Comment: As part of our effort to help Celts in the Celt vs Egypt matchup, Horsemen were given Splash Damage Protection as a baseline stat, to help against War Elephants and Champion Axemen. However, we feel that their current stats (in conjunction with the cost reduction they've gotten in earlier patches) makes them too powerful. We decided to give this Splash Damage Protection back only on their Champion upgrade, which comes later in the game, in Age 4.​

    Royal Guard:
    • Cost decreased to 45f/45g from 55f/55g
    > Balance Team's Comment: Royal Guards have been moved to Age 3 to help Babylon's Barracks/Archery range compositions (particularly against Civilizations like Norse and Celts), and they have been performing just as intended; however, we feel that they cost a little too much for an Age 3 unit. We will be keeping an eye on this change and will consider changing it further (to higher costs) if needed.​

    Log Thrower:
    • Training time reduced to 25s, from 30s
    > Balance Team's Comment: See "Stone Thrower"
    Throwing Axeman Champion:
    • Now also grants 25% Snare
    > Balance Team's Comment: Throwing Axeman Champion is one of the most unique Champion upgrades in the game. It allows Throwing Axemen to ignore 40% of the armor of the unit they attack, making them great units against low-hp/high-armored units. However, at their current state, Throwing Axemen rarely get used past Age 2. This change should help them remain viable throughout various stages of the game, while holding true to the unique nature of Throwing Axeman Champion​

    • Pierce Armor increased to 0.85, from 0.70
    > Balance Team's Comment: See "Ram"​

    • Health reduced to 140, from 150
    > Balance Team's Comment: Norse Bowmen have by far the most Hitpoints of all Bowman units, making them a lot tankier than all other Bowmen. We felt that they are a little too tanky for their role, so we decided to reduce their Hitpoints a little.​

    • Pierce Armor increased to 0.40, from 0.30. Movement Speed increased to 9, from 8
    > Balance Team's Comment: Ulfheddins are a heavy-hitter unit, having incredible amounts of damage particularly against Ranged and Priest units. However, they fall too fast to Archer balls to be able to reach them and kill them, as is their intended role. This change should help them survive a little longer before dying to Ranged units while still leaving them as vulnerable as before to their proper counter units, like anti-Infantry Infantry units (like Longswordsmen or Hypaspists)​

    • Range decreased to 50, from 55. LoS decreased to 40, from 48. Palintonon Champion now grants 15% Range and LoS, from 20%
    > Balance Team's Comment: Long Range Siege units have always been a major balance concern. Our first attempt to reduce their power level was to reduce the base DPS on Palintonons while maintaining their damage against Buildings intact. But as time went on, we felt that that wasn't enough. This is our next step towards balancing these units.​

    Age IV Fortress Ranged Siege Units:
    • Accuracy increased to reduce the chances of these units missing their intended targets. (Affected units: Palintonons, Stone Throwers, Log Throwers)
    > Balance Team's Comment: Palintonons and Stone/Log Throwers have very high burst potential, being able to one-shot many units (including other ranged siege units). But they are also very, very inaccurate units. This change was made to reduce the chances of RNG playing a major role in competitive games. But this is a very important change and we will be constantly monitoring these units' performance, and will make adjustments as needed.​
    Map Fixes:

    • Middle lake size has been reduced by roughly 10%
    > Balance Team's Comment: Coastal revolves around the middle Lake. Most of the time the player that wins water is almost guaranteed to win the entire match. We felt that the other player should have more chances of coming back into the game once they lose the water, so we reduced the size of the middle lake to reduce the advantage having water gives by a small amount.​

    Sheltered Pass:
    • Player Spawn locations have been rotated slightly towards the 11 o'clock and 5 o'clock positions.
    > Balance Team's Comment: Sheltered Pass is a very cool and unique map, allowing various raiding opportunities and tactical play thanks to the map's layout, however, at the current spawn locations, one of the two players often finds themselves starved of resources, simply because of the way resources are distributed throughout the map. This change should help avoid this situation a little, while still remaining true to the "feeling" of the map, not making it "Equal Footing with some cliffs".​

    Feel free to discuss the changes below! :)
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