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    Balance Update #4​

    Balance Team's Notes:

    It's finally here. The long awaited nerf to Babylon! As you might have already noticed, this is the most number changes we've had in a single update so far. Every change is explained below:

    Anyone who played AoEO remembers how difficult and frustrating it was to deal with Lancers, as they seemed to be near impossible to kill while dealing significant amounts of damage at the same time thanks to their charge attack, which is an outstanding gap-closer and does 3.0x damage upon impact. This is our first step towards helping fix this problem.
    One of the game's more unknown units, these guys were one of the highest mobility anti-building units in the game, with near 7 speed and 4.5x bonus versus buildings, being able to be built for only 25 gold and taking a ridiculously short time of 2 seconds (!!!) to train, and being the only building killer unit in the game that benefits from armory upgrades, we felt that it's absolutely necessary to reduce their "spam" potential.
    Siege Towers
    Another Babylonian monstrosity, these machines of war could be upgraded to have 1760 health, more than Egyptian War Elephants, meaning that it would take forever and ever to kill even a single one of them before they would kill the building(s) they were built for.
    Having access to an ox cart at the beginning of every match gives Babylonians to build a barracks far quicker than any other civilization without any economic losses. This combined with the fact that Babylonian Spearmen have the lowest train time of all civs meant that dealing with their Spearman rush was incredibly hard and frustrating. This change was done to help reduce the unrelenting train of Babylonian Spearmen in Age I.
    War Chariots
    At the peak of the Babylonian military tech tree lies the War Chariot: a 4 population anti-ranged ranged unit that can be upgraded to have 6x multiplier versus siege units and also get a significant amount of armor against them. Having such a high health pool combined with the fact that they had lots of bonus damage versus siege and ranged units means that they were extremely hard to kill. This change aims to nullify that a little.
    Age IV wall upgrade
    The same reasoning for the Egyptian version of this upgrade applies here.

    This is not the end for Babylonians! As we are seeing more and more games, we feel that there is still room for change to Babylon before they get into the same field of power level as other civs.

    Discuss below! ;)
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