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    [Tech] Prodromos Champion:

    • Bonus Damage vs Buildings reduced to 25%, from 50%.
    > Balance Team's Comment: Prodromos are one of the hardest hitting Cavalry Units in the game. In the lategame, this bonus damage combined with the additional damage that they receive from Armory Upgrades, especially considering that Armory Upgrades don't affect Buildings, meant that the Damage output of these units against buildings was a little too much. This change aims to address this issue, while still giving them extra damage against Buildings.​

    Priestess of Ra:

    • Training Time reduced to 20s, from 30s.
    > Balance Team's Comment: Priestesses of Ra are trained from the Temple of Ra, the same building that the Egyptians use to Age Up. Unlike other Priest production buildings from other civilizations, this temple is quite expensive. To help with faster production of this unit, we have lowered its training time.​







    • Gold Cost decreased to 120, from 140. Training Time reduced to 20s, from 25s.
    > Balance Team's Comment: Berserkers are incredibly expensive units. At 140 gold, we felt like players were not able to afford them in high enough numbers for them to see any use. This change, combined with the training time reduction aims to increase players' usage of Berserkers.​


    [Tech] Hunting Dogs:
    • Bonus Attack Speed vs Huntables removed. Bonus Damage vs Huntables increased to +100%, from +50%. Now also grants +25% Conservation.
    > Balance Team's Comment: Huntables are the fastest source of Food in the game. This, alongside the limited quantities of Huntables scattered on the map, means that they are also the fastest source of Food to run out. We are trying to make Huntables last longer for players by adding Conservation to the Champion Mode version of this Tech, much like the Fishing Boat Techs at the Dock. For simplicity, we combined the Attack Speed and Bonus Damage attributes of this upgrade so Villagers will do roughly the same amount of Damage to Huntables now, once the upgrade is researched.​

    Remember, as always, these changes affect Champion PvP (And Champion Skirmish) mode ONLY and do not affect Quests, Regular Skirmish Mode, Crete or Geared PvP!

    You can also see the entire Champion Mode Tech Tree (for all civilizations) here!

    Feel free to discuss the changes below! :)
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