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    Hi all,
    I am trying to continue on with where frogpoison left off for the age IV advisors. I will try to make possible buffs more minor as I understand we can further correct in future additions and to prove that I am not smoking any elicit drugs haha.

    Greek Advisors: I feel that Greek for PVE is a civ that is the civilization that can do a lot of different builds but does not have any particularly strong builds for late PVE aside from ballista spam with frontline which is painfully slow. Many of the more experienced players argue that Greece is likely one of the worst PVE civs behind Egypt with some even arguing that it is the slowest PVE civ.

    Alexander the Great: I feel that the Toxotai part is okay for the most part, but almost no one uses Peltasts still
    Suggestion: Make Peltasts move 30% faster so that the unit is more viable, will likely still see no use though but this would be a good starting point.

    Aristocrat Apollonius: I feel that this advisor could use a small buff as it is still grossly outclassed by Finnur,
    Suggestion: Cavalry units have 20% more health, attack 20% faster and are 25% more resistant to pierce damage

    Grand Engineer Themistokles: This is advisor is pretty strong as is and doesn't need a buff, but maybe some more movement speed for some quality of life improvements?

    Bolt Carrier Seleucus: Grossly outclassed by grand engineer,
    Suggestion: Ballistas deal 30% more damage and have 10% more movement speed

    Leather Worker Ptolemais: This advisor is mainly for gastraphetes as this point since anyone who runs toxotai probably uses Alexander
    Suggestion: Gastraphetes have 20% more range and attack 10% faster

    Leonidas: This advisor is pretty weak with hyapists outclassing hoplites with hp, cost and speed
    Suggestion:: Hoplites regenerate 2.0 health every second and have 20% more health and speed

    Riding Instructor Solon; Pretty unused advisor currently outclassed by the leg equivalent, my suggestion is to make this the go to hippikon advisor with stats slightly worse than the Esfandiyar 50% crit chance
    Suggestion: Hippikons gain a 30% chance to deal a critical strike

    Egypt: For me personally and quite a few PVE players I have talked to, Egypt feels like the weakest late game PVE civ especially after the Khepri nerf and Egypt having weaker caravan gold return rates. Egypt has no real counters for the stronk gallic horseman with camels being horrifically underpowered and spearmen getting destroyed even with Sobek and catapult support.

    Khepri's Coin Curator:
    I feel like we should include camels here as well as camels currently have so little love right now. I think that we can easily remove the debuff on movement speed without making camels or elephants seem too overpowered as the effect of this advisor at the moment seems to mostly make elephants cost gold alone with the speed debuff worse than the gain in HP.

    Price Sesostris:
    I would argue that this guy is probably THE WORST Legendary advisor, making Egypts ability to diversify different builds severely lacking. You cannot use him on most of the V star quests as he is a priest. You can build 200 priests of ptah and have them dance for minutes while converting at most 6 units every once in a while. He is so bad that you can literally beat quests faster using only camels then using 200 priests of ptah with 30 temples pumping them out nonstop.
    Suggestion: Priests of Ptah cost one less population and convert and see 80% farther. Temples of Ptah cost 80% less: (I know these seem like ridiculous numbers, but I am positive that even with this boost most people will still not use this advisor)

    Sekhet's Elephant Whisperer:
    Elephant archers are very slow and don't have too much range, but they do a ton of damage, not used very often due to how slow they are and how they can easily be demolished by siege units that can out range them.
    Suggestion: Elephant archers attack 30% faster and move 30% faster (removed the 30% less gold since that doesn't really do much for a food heavy unit)

    Seth the Chariot Builder:
    Pretty much outclassed by chariot archer sargon in every way. This unit needs more love.
    Suggestion: Chariot Archers move and attack 30% faster and can attack and see 30% farther

    Brann the Bloodletter:
    Woad raiders are in a situation where they are really fast for the extremely easy PVE quests such as Brothers Keeper, New Rebellion, End of Traitors, Megara etc, But they get annihilated in all the V star quests as they have so little HP as some players put it they are arrows that you train out of your barracks. I don't really know if we need to change them stats wise, but having them spam faster out of barracks can make them utilized more for their melee glass cannon approach.
    Suggestion: Woad Raiders have 15% more health train 25% faster and gain a 25% chance to deal a critical strike

    King Brennos: Champions are probably the strongest late game PVE unit for Celts currently, but still feel like the "we have beserkers at home" unit so I recommend a small buff
    Suggestion: Champions are immune to snare and attack and move 20% faster

    War Chief Comontorios: Don't really see them used outside of Cav only quests, I suppose they serve their purpose as a bulkier woad raider okay, but they don't really shine or excel in anything especially the carpentoms. My suggestion is to buff the carpentoms more
    Suggestion: Horsemen and capentoms deal 25% more damage and carpentoms attack 25% faster, have 25% more health and deal 60% bonus damage against buildings

    Ambiorix the Brave: Not as good as toxotai with alexander the great but still usable
    Suggestion: Slingers and Bowmen deal x4.0 bonus damage when dealing a critical strike, instead of x2.0

    General Acichorios:
    Could use a buff to see more long sword age IV action
    Suggestion: Long Swordsmen have 30% more health and attack 15% faster

    Warlord Vercingetorix: This guy is completely redundant and outclassed by King Brennos which already attacks and move 15% faster for champs
    Suggestion: Champions Ignore 25% armor (like a budget Caesar)


    Amytis of Media, this unit can use more love as even with the pop reduction the siege towers still cost too much population and often overkill their targets making them not very efficient
    Suggestion: Siege Towers have 15% more health, deal 30% more damage, cost Two less population and deal 50% bonus damage against buildings

    King Nebuchadnezzar: Lancers are pretty strong in their own right, but the mounted archers are still pretty weak for this advisor
    Suggestion: Lancers and Mounted Archers deal 15% more damage, Mounted Archers have 15% more health and ignore 10% armor

    General Zu: His boosts are okay, maybe more cost reduction since Royal guards are kinda pricey at 55 /55
    Suggestion: Royal Guards are 40% more resistant to bonus damage and cost 30% less

    Makru the Mad Median:
    Don't really see this guy used much, would love to see an advisor for the sappers though
    Suggestion: Sappers deal have a critical hit chance of 50% (similar to the immortals, still probably will be pretty bad but it will be funny)

    Rome: Probably the strongest PVE civ still thanks to how powerful Crassus + onager build is

    Pompey: This guy was already weaker than Caesar and Crassus pre roman leg advisor nerfs and still continues to be weaker, he is mainly used for gallics now a days or if you can't afford the other two advisors
    Suggestion: Undo previous nerf

    Mark Antony: not the best advisor when you have advisors like Crassus, but okay as a budget gallic advisor
    Suggestion: Gallic Horsemen deal 20% more damage and train 20% faster

    Siege Engineer Vitruvius: Scorpios really need some love whereas onagers are already pretty good
    Suggestion: Scorpios can attack and see 30% farther and faster

    Norse: Pretty strong PVE civ honestly

    Chief Vemundr
    Pretty good, but doesnt see much action, maybe a slight buff ? (more dogs?)

    Grand Chef Bjørn: Never used him before, nor have I seen anyone run spearman and throwing axeman as their main build for age IV
    Suggestion: Spearmen and Throwing Axemen have 25% more health and deal 25% more damage

    Shield-Maiden Ingrid: Raiders are outclassed severely by Finnulfr, would be interesting to see them deal atypical damage like fire (or maybe poison if that is too complicated)
    Suggestion: Suggestion: add fire or poison damage if possible?

    Xerxes the Great: pretty good advisor, maybe include rams in this cause rams need more love

    Rostam, Guardian of the Land: Don't really see takabara action nor too much mounted archer action. Asabara are fast but not that great at everything else, maybe a small buff?
    Suggestion: Asabara have 25% more health and deal 25% more damage, Takabara and Mounted Archers attack 25% faster and attack and see 25% farther

    Grand Master Garshasp: Catraphracts cost the same amount of population as a gallic, but are worse in terms of stats, would be a lot better if they costed one less pop
    Suggestion: Cataphracts deal 20% more damage and cost one less population

    Blacksmith Kaveh: I really see this as more of a archer advisor, but buffing overall ignore could be feasible too
    Suggestion: Bowmen ignore 25% of the enemy's armor OR/ All Military units ignore 15% of the enemy's armor

    Bahram, Master of the Trade: Dont see him used much, but I think the effect is pretty good, maybe a buff to Suggestion: entice more usage?
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