A million and one reasons to enter the Valley

Discussion in 'PvE Challenges/Tournaments' started by Ardeshir, Aug 13, 2020.

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    Hey folks,
    Just wanted to say I'm going to offer 1 million coins to the first player to complete Valley of the Kings (plus wonder and priest optionals) in under 50 minutes solo, without any consumables or exploits. You will be required to have a full recording of the game accessible and posted here or to the media-pve channel in the discord server to be verified as legitimate.

    There's an extra 100 thousand in it if you do it as Norse, Babylonian or Greeks.

    Big shoutouts to TheAce9, the winner of the first "a million reasons to enter the Valley" competition, with his 57 minute run being the first under an hour solo completion of the quest.
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