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    I've been there since the beginning (Microsoft Times) and was really happy :grin::grin::grin: (like a small child) that you have brought Age of Empires back to life online and continue to do great work - thank you for that
    It's a lot of fun to gamble here! Here I have a few points that could possibly be changed?

    - I think that all items should be sellable. I also have several items that I have from several quest that are not for sale and that are now lying around with me.
    - Generally I think that some quests have become very difficult, some can only be done through co-op.
    - That you can sell more space in the Global Market (Immoment there are 10 items).
    - Evt stop for overpriced goods
    - Too many quests with time constraints can not be done solo
    -The rewards will be slightly raised GOLD / IMPERIUMS POINTS
    - Especially in Crete with the 40 waves, I think that you get far too little.
    - Lower the empire points in the empire shop because it is difficult to collect empire points.
    - A button for: what do I have in all 6 civiliations for raw materials: what is ready
    - More vaults 5 x24 (more would of course be even better)
    - A translator in chat (trading channel) my english is bad

    I am looking forward to the Romans :tonguewink::tonguewink::tonguewink::yum::yum::yum:

    Best regards Matthias
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