Jungle questpack 5.0

1 Capital + 3 Legendary quests

  1. Adviser fixes

    Good news! @musictopia2 has fixed the the adviser stuff for offline, so now we can use every adviser in the game, before we werent able to use half of the legendary ones. Also we are able to have seperate advisers for age 1 & 2 now, before it was shared between all civs.

    Just download the pack aggain, and replace the files inside the quests & Celeste folders (if you dont know where they are i explained it in the main post) you dont have to replace the scenario's or the AI.

    If you want to edit the advisers yourself, open the quest file you want to edit with notepad or notepad++. go to the bottom and you will see something like this:
    <variable name="Age1GreekAdvisor" type="String">Advisor_Irene_E</variable>

    To change the adviser, you need to replace the "Irene_E" part with whatever you want to use. i suggest looking on this site for the names:
    So lets say you want to change it to "Apprentice Mason Philon",
    you need to replace the "Irene_E" with his name, Philon. the E stands for Epic but you can use whichever u want, R or U etc. So it will look like
    <variable name="Age1GreekAdvisor" type="String">Advisor_Philon_E</variable>

    This works the same way for every civ & age.

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