Jungle questpack 5.0

1 Capital + 3 Legendary quests

  1. Kire
    Expected Playtime:
    All 3 quests take around 2 hours to complete
    You will see the objectives in game
    So I have made a quest pack. It has 1 capital city which you can just look around in but not much else, you can pretend to accept the quests there :p It also contains 3 Legendary quests with Advisers, Gear & Milestones working in offline mode, so you can play whichever civ you want to play as.

    Where to put the files:

    First download the quest pack.
    When you open it you see 3 folders + 4 Scn files.
    You place the Quests and AI in the Data folder
    (Age Of Empires Online / DATA)

    Then you place the Celeste folder inside the rm folder
    (Age Of Empires Online / rm)

    And last you place the 4 .age4scn files inside the Scenario folder
    (Age Of Empires Online / Scenario)

    Now to play the quests:
    Start the game in offline mode.
    Click on Quests and click on Other.
    Then you select the civ you want to play as and select the quest you want to play.

    If you want to check out the Capital city, just click on Custom Scenario Instead of Quests.

    The advisers atm are:

    Age 1: Irene
    Age 2: Dumnorix

    Age 3 Greeks: Hathor
    Age 3 Egypt: Hathor
    Age 3 Persia: Pamphilos
    Age 3 Celt: Pamphilos
    Age 3 Babylon: Gerda
    Age 3 Norse: Pamphilos

    Age 4 Greeks: Apollonius
    Age 4 Egypt: Khepri
    Age 4 Persia: Rostam
    Age 4 Celt: Brann
    Age 4 Babylon: Zu
    Age 4 Norse: Theode



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Recent Updates

  1. Optimizations & some changes
  2. Adviser fixes
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