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  1. Kire liked fabsroman's post in the thread PvE New Advisors! (Set 3) + Advisor Reworks.

    Just trying to take all of this in, while trying to tell myself I have to wait until April 16th to really start delving into this. Once Romans drops, I might have to delete the game until April...

    Feb 28, 2021 at 10:12 PM
  2. Kire liked PF2K's post in the thread Server Maintenance [February 28, 2021].

    Server back online: Changelog: Bugfixes: Fixed an issue where Horse Armor of Sargon received a change to its stats instead of Light Spear of Sargon. The +3.3% Movement Speed stat was incorrectly...

    Feb 28, 2021 at 7:25 PM
  3. Kire liked PF2K's post in the thread Server Maintenance [February 27, 2021].

    Server back online: Changelog: Advisor Updates Set 3 Bugfixes: Fixed an issue where Minoan Tools' stack size was not increased to 250 as intended. Adjusted some Loading Screens to ensure their...

    Feb 27, 2021 at 11:52 PM
  4. Kire liked PF2K's post in the thread PvE New Advisors! (Set 3) + Advisor Reworks.

    [ATTACH] Hey there Celeste players! This might come as a surprise to many of you, but we have a full new set of Advisors for you to collect and play with, alongside with reworks to a few existing...

    Header_-_AdvisorSet3.png Courageous_Colonel_Lycurgus.png King_Tisamenos.png Camel_Rider_Userhet.png Grand_Magistrate_Diviciacus.png King_Bathanatos.png General_Acichorios.png Ambiorix_the_Brave.png Grand_Scholar_Ormazdiyar.png Royal_Treasurer_Bardiya.png Blacksmith_Kaveh.png Bahram_Master_of_the_Trade.png Lady_Davcina.png Berosus_the_Wise.png Engineer_Farzana.png Makru_the_Mad_Median.png Senior_Architect_Audun.png Bear_Hunter_Torhild.png Grand_Chef_Bjrn.png Shield-Maiden_Ingrid.png Supply_Line_Specialist_Servilia.png Lucius_Licinius_Lucullus.png Siege_Engineer_Vitruvius.png Admiral_Atilius.png Good_Shepherd_Shahriyar.png Siege_Tactician_Titus.png Horse_Whisperer_Lohrasb.png Complete_Advisor_Lineup.png War_Leader_Beorix.png Horselord_Finnulfr.png Princess_Tahmineh.png Governor_Zopyrus.png Infantry_Sergeant_Herakleides.png Archer_Sergeant_Timon.png Cavalry_Sergeant_Hermolaos.png Chieftain_Combutis.png Commander_Vercassivellaunos.png Chieftain_Britomartus.png Engineer_Ligeia.png Fence_Builder_Bes.png Engineer_Cyric.png Castle_Builder_Sostrate.png Commander_Bolgios.png Greek_Recommended_Loadout_1.png Greek_Recommended_Loadout_2.png Egypt_Recommended_Loadout_1.png Egypt_Recommended_Loadout_2.png Celt_Recommended_Loadout_1.png Celt_Recommended_Loadout_2.png Persia_Recommended_Loadout_1.png Persia_Recommended_Loadout_2.png Babylon_Recommended_Loadout_1.png Babylon_Recommended_Loadout_2.png Norse_Recommended_Loadout_1.png Norse_Recommended_Loadout_2.png Roman_Recommended_Loadout_1.png Roman_Recommended_Loadout_2.png Some_Fun_Stats.png Romans_Release_Date.png Crafty_Farrier_Cavarus.png Senator_Octavius.png General_Seneb.png Amunet_the_Wise.png Feb 27, 2021 at 7:29 PM
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