Sparta Challenge The Golden Age No huntables

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by aceloki, Mar 12, 2023.

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    The three challenges in Sparta, bronze, silver and gold, are designed to improve micromanagement skills in speed levelling. They hone skills. However, playing The Golden Age, the map I used had no huntables. I swept wider and wider with my scout, very wide. It was a WTF experience. I'm no game novice and want better speed levelling for pvp. However, the map generated had no huntables or equivalents like sheep, cows, pigs or even fish within an extensive circling range. There was the usual berry stash near the TC. However no huntables anywhere. This challenge presented as bugged: as its practice for pve and pvp, which are about finding and using the immediate huntables. There are always huntables in pvp in Sparta, one v one. Always huntables in any individual quest map. Okay, I improvised with a market and managed the quest. However, that's not the issue. This map should always spawn scout reasonable locatable deer. It failed in this instance. Your game wants players to engage with pvp, and these skills-honing quests in Sparta are a way of practising for pvp, yet the scenario failed to spawn huntables. Please look at why this quest failed to spawn deer even within an over-extended Scout range. The map played had no huntables!
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    Hey Aceloki,

    I believe the "The Bronze/Silver/Gold Age" Quests in Sparta are from the original game and I think the Celeste team is reluctant to change the old quests too much to both keep their original flavour and avoid causing any new issues with the quest.

    I just tried loading it a few times and was given a different map seed each time. So if you get bad or no hunts, distant or thin woodline or other annoying opening resources just restart it for now for a workaround.

    The other 5 or 6 quests in sparta are champion mode while those 3 aren't too. So if you want a true representation of PvP opening you're probably better off with those anyway... Plus the objectives tend to be a bit more fitting for smaller map PvP.

    Still, Matt Craver Recon PF2K Eery Rekiem Plz where hunt?
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    The aga challenges are champion mode and have been for a while now..
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