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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by CrimsonCantab, Jan 21, 2022.

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    Inspired by @...ReignOfRagnarok's comment here. Like him, I remembered all my QoL suggestions after filling out the survey.
    • +1 on Vault sorting - it's hard to pick out all of a specific mat/gear item when things are jumbled. The filtering helps A LOT - would be cool if it worked like the search.projectceleste.com filter, and could filter by slot/rarity/etc. At the very least, it would be nice if Vault order were stable - so I could put things in the vault the way I wanted to order them (Last-in-first-out makes sense. I.e. the stuff you most recently stored would be the first stuff you see.)
    • Quest Giver dialog stay open until closed - don't think I've seen this suggestion before, but it would be an amazing QoL improvement to leave the Quest Giver dialog open until I close it, so I can accept/complete multiple quests. Matters especially in PvP where there's a good handful of quests to accept/complete at once during an event. Also helps with turning mats in.
    • Quest Giver one-click accept button - related to previous. if we know what the quest is, we don't need to open the description to accept it. Just have a little + button or something next to each quest in the list. Then you can just click down the list to accept them all. Not sure one-click complete is also possible, given that some quests have the choose-one rewards, but that would be nice too.
      • Maybe the quest giver list, instead of being two separate lists that quests bounce between, stays a single list with indicators as to whether the quest is accepted/completed/available? Then location on the screen doesn't change as quest status changes.
    • Grey out advisors this civ already has, or cannot access - Similar visual to gear that a civ cannot equip? Optionally different colors for "already invited" vs "not this civ". This could be repeated for recipes already learned.
    • More real estate for quest list on map dialog - I spend most of my time navigating the quest list, yet it takes up the least amount of space. Maybe have it take the full left side, and quest description can be a collapsible pop-out to the right, partially-occluding the map when open?
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    +1 on a Vault update with better sorting options.

    I'd also like some way to remove advisors from my Advisor hall and related to that have market place searches only return items/advisors that can be used on the civ i'm searching with.

    It's testament to how polished this game is overall that the improvements being suggested are QoL.
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