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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Wololoo, Nov 27, 2022.

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    Please can some thought be given to adding a combat armoury to the Gear Hall.
    This would work much like the vanity armoury.
    where you can store gear items which are bound to a civ but are not currently in use.
    where you can transfer gear items to and from equipped slots.

    With the fantastic job our dev team have done in providing alternate gear items there is often now no "best in slot" items but instead a choice.
    As an example... for some quests you may want to use a HP spear whilst in others you may want to use a max. damage spear.

    Rather than having these alternate gear items stored in a civs warehouse my suggestion here would mean that these alternate gear items would go into the combat armoury.

    Implementation might work as follows:
    - The combat armoury has 2 (or 3) slots for each gear type that a civ can use.
    - When you equip a gear item it goes to the unit or buildings empty slot that you choose (as is now)
    - When you unequip a gear item it goes to an empty slot in the combat armoury by default.
    However if all CA (Combat Armoury) slots are full then the gear item goes to warehouse.
    - A method of moving a selected gear item from CA to warehouse is given.
    - Bound gear items, either removed from being equipped or from the CA can be sold to vendor (as is now)

    Adding a combat armoury could give the following benefits to the game:
    - Making it more attractive and easier for players to experiment with different gear builds.
    i.e. click on your Hippikon's sword in the gear hall and see what alternate choices you have in your CA
    - Less clutter in warehouses.
    - A much needed boost to the games market economy.
    Players will likely choose to fill the available slots in their CA's.
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    I'm not sure how easy to implement this is going to be, given our range of possibilities but I will take note of it and take a look into it when I can. Good suggestion!
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