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    Greetings, fellow Celeste players! Here's a quick review of the changes coming to existing Advisors, making them more interesting/viable for players throughout their questing adventures. This includes buffs, reworks, and in a special case, nerf to a particular Advisor!

    Here's the list of changes in alphabetical order:

    • Development Team's Comment: Alexander could definitely use some love, so we're buffing both of his stats. He's a complete beast of an Advisor now. Gastraphetes have some serious competition now, with him and Grand Engineer Themistokles joining the fray.
    • Development Team's Comment: We believe that having Amunet in Age II makes a lot more sense than Age III, but with Chieftain Dumnorix being in the Age II Advisor pool, we feel like there needs to be a bit more of an incentive to pick other Advisors compared to what they currently provide. Amunet the Wise will now affect every Tech in the egyptian Tech Tree, including Champion techs.
    • Development Team's Comment: Architect Tycho belongs to an era where Advisors could be used in PvP mode, allowing players to construct Wonders in order to win their matches. Advisors no longer work in Champion mode PvP, so he is made pretty redundant currently. However, having Quests such as Wonder Races (and possibly more, in the future!) where Wonders are still the point of focus, we would like to keep his general effect intact, while also giving him the bonuses that "King Nannus" had, combining both of them into one Advisor. See more details about King Nannus in his own spotlight below.​


    • Development Team's Comment: More doggies, more fun! Who doesn't like more dogs in their army?
    • Development Team's Comment: While having a very interesting effect, we believe that Chieftain Britomartus comes into play way too late, when players are in Age IV, they are usually not much in need of having stronger Town Centers. So we are moving him in to Age II where he can be used in early defenses much more effectively, and to also free up the precious Age IV Advisor slot for other options.
    • Development Team's Comment: As long as Senior Mason Stephanos exists, this Advisor would always be outshined, so we are making him affect Guard Towers as well as forts, decreasing both their Wood and Stone costs (but to a lesser extent compared to Stephanos), rather than only decreasing their Stone cost, like Senior Mason Stephanos does.
    • Development Team's Comment: See "Chieftain Britomartus". This should be a decent alternative to "Fence Builder Bes". Cheaper walls that build faster, or stronger walls. Your choice.
    • Development Team's Comment: See "Amunet the Wise". Having Cavalry not getting snared as much as they used to should be more appealing for players.
    • Development Team's Comment: Those little guys could use a little bit of love, surviving all of those pesky tower and fort arrows before they could take them down. Go Sappers, go!
    • Development Team's Comment: See "Governor Zopyrus"
    • Development Team's Comment: The only nerfed Advisor in this list! We believe that Egyptian War Elephants' power level has gone up a little more than we'd like to, with the addition of this Celeste-exclusive Advisor, so we're dialing down her effect a little bit. It should also make "Hatshepsut's Tusk Sharpener" a little bit more appealing. More damage, or more health? Up to you.
    • Development Team's Comment: See "General Heron". (PF2K's personal note: Synergy with Sobek's Spear Sharperner!)
    • Development Team's Comment: See "Architect Tycho". King Nannus now allows players to set up their Docks or Markets way, way faster than anyone else could. We realize that not all Advisors are supposed to be equally powerful. Some are more situational than most. This one is one of them.
    • Development Team's Comment: Already made redundant by the original Development Team with the Advisor "Commander Cassivellaunos", poor King Narmer was completely powercreeped into uselessness. This new effect should make for nice synergies, particularly with Cavalry units already equipped with Zahhak's Spear or Sword of the Undying.
    • Development Team's Comment: Similar to Architect Tycho, Leonidas belongs to an era where every Melee unit had snare as part of their regular Melee Attack. That is no longer the case, so the snare resistance part of Leonidas' effects were made pretty useless. We are replacing that mechanic with more Health Regeneration to make this advisor more appealing, while also increasing the Health buff that he grants Hoplites. This. is. SPARTA!!!!
    • Development Team's Comment: Age I has a handful of very, very powerful Advisors, particularly Closet Organizer Irene and Apprentice Mason Philon, so for any Age I advisor to be considered useful, it needs some serious uplifting in terms of power level. So now, Prince Niall Muighmedon will not only decrease the cost of Storehouses (and Ox Carts! The old developers forgot to include them. We fixed this), but he will also make them train/build much, much faster.
    • Development Team's Comment: See "Amunet the Wise".
    • Development Team's Comment: See "Amunet the Wise".
    • Development Team's Comment: See "Leonidas". When this Advisor was created, Critical Hits used to deal 3.0x the usual damage, instead of the current 2.0x, so we're upping his stats a little bit. (Note: Hippikons' critical hit animation is currently bugged and they do not display a special animation when landing a critical strike. Believe it or not, this bug has been in the game since the very beginning! This has been fixed and will be deployed with the Winter Event patch.)
    • Development Team's Comment: Elephant Archer buffs, yay!
    • Development Team's Comment: See "Sekhet's Elephant Whisperer".
    • Development Team's Comment: See "Prince Niall Muighmedon".
    • Development Team's Comment: See "Chieftain Britomartus". (PF2K's Personal Note: Check out Sobek's Spear Sharpener and this Advisor together. Ultimate synergy!!!!!)
    • Development Team's Comment: See "Amunet the Wise". Village Elder is a pushover no longer!
    • Development Team's Comment: See "Prince Niall Muighmedon". While being very situational, the old effect of this Advisor was simply not good enough for him to be considered as an option in practically any situation. This huge buff should change that, particularly for the Celtic civilization.
    As with every new content, we will be keeping an eye on the power level of these Advisors based on the community's feedback, and will adjust them as needed. A big shoutout to JilgueriN and Finishedblock21 for helping us playtest these Advisors!

    Important note: With this patch, the droprates for ALL Advisors in the game have been reduced. The droprates for Legendary Advisors have been reduced the most, so think twice before vendoring them!

    Important note 2: You do NOT need to loot these Advisors again. All of the mentioned changes will be applied to Advisors automatically.

    Important note 3: When you log into your civilizations after the patch is live, all of your Advisors will be unequipped and you will have to equip them again. But don't worry, you won't be losing any of your existing Advisors!

    What do you think about the mentioned changes? What other Advisor(s) would you like to see changed, and in which way? What is your opinion about reworks towards certain Gear types? Let us know in the comments below!

    Thanks, and see you in the game!

    Project Celeste Development Team

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