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  1. Maki Evil Zero
    Maki Evil Zero
    Poor english but dirty latinamerican spanish ^^
  2. ArcherBN
  3. ArcherBN
    I don't play as much as I would like to often times.. but I do cherish and really enjoy the little time I do get to play AoEO Project Celes
  4. ArcherBN
    This game has captured my heart since my dear friend Matt gifted me a copy over 10 years ago.
  5. ArcherBN
    ArcherBN Caesar's
  6. ArcherBN
    ArcherBN bbgambini
    Hi, bbgambini.
    I hope all is well friend!
    I need help with making the "[Greek] MaxGear lvl40" file work. I downloaded it and tried adding it to the AI fold and I tried other possible folders but all to no avail. can you help with this issue please? Thanks
  7. Djeep
    Djeep Ryddag
    bonjour, cela fait un moment que le jeu se coupe et marque que le serveur n'est plus en ligne .Alors que si je relance tout est ok . Je perds du temps et des choses à faire spawn ,y a t'il quelque chose à faire .
    Scan de jeu: OK
  8. Kenan
  9. Tomy
    Hey! I'm Tomy :)
  10. dawpa2000
  11. PedroAlmeida72
    The day AOEO gets 500 to 1000 players online (average) will be the happiest day :)
  12. Servimomia
    Servimomia TuranianGhazi
    You're really generous! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
  13. Ardeshir
    Ardeshir TuranianGhazi
    Hey mate, thank you for all your support of the game's server infrastructure. I hope you still enjoy the game as much as you most have.
  14. MiniumMaze
    You know where I can get version 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 of the age of empires game online, I'm looking for them but I can't find them
  15. MiniumMaze
  16. wooser
  17. Bacca
    Just grinding!
  18. dootarzan
    dootarzan PF2K
    i wan to join my girl friend to this game ! and we use each other device some time . can you please tell me is there any ban ristriction for this ??
  19. dootarzan
    dootarzan FinishedBlock21
    hello sir
    i want to join my gf to this game . i want to know that we are using each other device for playing this game . so is there any ban issue will happen in future ???
  20. goorz
    goorz bluesome
    hey there

    I'm not a pro player but if you want to coop sometimes just add me for friend I'm from belgium btw :)

    take care .
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