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  1. Exclusive0r
    Covid-19 sucks big time
  2. jonathan
    jonathan Ardeshir
    senario Jotunheim 2v2
    1. Ardeshir
      thanks I'll have a look later
      May 31, 2020
    2. Ardeshir
      Just gonna have to change how I do the win triggers slightly. Without any popup text or forcing people back to menu a "win" trigger doesn't doo much hahahaha
      Jun 2, 2020
    3. Ardeshir
      Ok fixed every scenario of mine :) glhf!
      Jun 2, 2020
  3. jonathan
    jonathan Ardeshir
    hello there is a bug i killed everyone and razed everything but the victory trigger is not done
    1. Ardeshir
      which scenario?
      May 30, 2020
  4. Ardeshir
    Makin fat scenarios brah
  5. Bon3crush3r
    crushing it daily
  6. Sottocolle89
    RANDOM MAP: SCENARIOLOADER FAILED TO LOAD.. wahat does it mean? how can I resolve the problem? thank you
  7. Sottocolle89
    Hello guys, nice to meet you, Can somebody help me? I will show a problem: Anytime that I want to start a mission the system says to me:
  8. bbgambini
  9. Kevsaft
    No, I'm not Kevsoft.
  10. Paky
  11. Longeth Dayv
    Longeth Dayv
    Celtic rush, anyone ?
  12. Agolfo
    Confirming my email address
  13. Mikrov9
    Nissan Mirkov Cohen
  14. Hugo Mendieta
    Hugo Mendieta Joshua turner
    Hi, I totally get what you feel, until very recently I started to play good enough to beat legendaries, perhaps I could give you some tips or help you complete missions a bit faster. Add me as friend if you want. My tag name is Covertbugme
  15. jucamtur
    Learning to play
  16. Honcik alá zelí
    Honcik alá zelí PF2K
    Will you add some civ. buildings and decorations? … all statues, buildings etc .are in greek style … i want to have in my celtic civ more celtic dec and build … so will u add some? (sry for eng).
  17. Phishman_76
    Just learning about project celeste. One of my all time favorite games. Happy to see this is still a thing. Way to go guys.
  18. bbgambini
    Thin Blue Line
  19. Evellyn
  20. Exclusive0r
    Back Home in Munich - Finally !!!!
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