Weekend Wololo Tournament #1 VODs!

Discussion in 'PvP Challenges/Tournaments' started by Ardeshir, Sep 11, 2021.

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    Hey guys,

    In case you missed it, the VODs of the Weekend Wololo Tournament are still up on twitch!

    Streamed Round Robin Games

    Finals Series (3rd Place and Grand Final)

    They'll be ported to youtube in due time after the backlog of RCC Tourney games go across too.

    Huge thank you to @starofknight for not only organizing the event, but also donating the prize pool of $30 from his reward for best caster in the Roman Celeste Colosseum tournament!

    Thanks to Carnage and Breakpenguin for assisting in casting, and for Breakpenguin, Eaglry, EKA and Eshwar for their participation!
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