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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ByFstugan, Mar 28, 2019.

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    I've never before looked much to Vanity Items or cared about it, but I've realized now that there are alot of good and even more terrible ugly ones. However - it's a PAIN to try and find what's good and what's not, and this game REALLY would need some kind of preview of how the units will look (as many old rpg-games had/has in the gear-screen) IF you gear them with this and that vanity items, that changes instantly when clicking. Even more it's crucial that it works to preview even those you haven't got yet since you can never guess what they will really look like - and MANY of them is butt ugly and nothing you wanna spend EP on. I think this preview should be when going to the "Vanity"-tab when opening the Gear Hall.

    Another suggestion to this. If the game really need a coin-sink I think the cost for vanity items could change to coins and with a preview option I can guarantee that many many will pimp their civs and pay alot of coins to do it. But without a preview option it's not as likelly most would even look this way.

    Plz make it not a big struggle to know what your units will look as with the vanity items <3

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    I also noticed when trying to pimp my woad riders that none of the many many vanity weapons I've got let them keep their axes, most of them change to sword or some non-axe like things. This is a later problem, but some if this items could be looked into for many units I guess.

    Also PLZ PLZ make the "Black Cat" vanity available. IIRC I got MANY MANY of them to each civ but due to a bug at that event when we added them they never got memorized in my civs. Also it looks really really good often.
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    In the meantime, if anyone wants to see how some vanity sets look like, feel free to contact me in game or discord when I'm online. I have a couple in each civ and I can show you.
    Also hope to get some new vanity into the game!
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    Yeah, change to coins sounds good, I like the idea of a preview to see how units look even with normal gear.

    What if we could place troops around the city, and they display gear equiped on to them.

    As far as I know we can buy a few units and place them but they dont show gear do they?
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    Yeah this would be a really cool addition. I find I really abstain from spending any EP on cosmetics, and part of that comes from not wanting to "waste" any EP. Of course, it'd be great for cosmetics regardless of what their currency of purchase is (and it'd be cool to get some new gold, cp and sp cosmetics to work towards).
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