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    Greetings Celeste players!

    Introducing Gerda's Gauntlet! It has been a while, but the time has finally come for a new tournament. Once again, we will see 16 of Project Celeste's top PvP players battle it out for some sweet rewards. As always, you will be able to follow the entire event live on the official twitch channel, but this time around it will all take place in a single weekend. Everything will go down two weeks from now, on the 17th and 18th of August. If you are available that weekend, signing is possible for everyone, by replying to this thread!

    Recently, some players have coined the idea of a tournament for lower level players. In implementing this idea, I decided to have a first round where the 16 players all play versus a single opponent. The 8 winners advance to what I will term the Highgarden, whereas the 8 losers will advance to the Lowgarden. These are essentially two sub-tournaments, so that at the end of Sunday the 18th we will have a Highgarden winner and a Lowgarden winner. Here are the brackets for the High- and Low-garden players:
    Highgarden bracket
    Lowgarden bracket

    The community has contributed to the following price pool. Special thanks for @Eaglry and @Rohanny Dominguez for their funds.


    In addition, the top 4 finishers in both High- and Lowgarden will receive a set of unique vanity gear. As always, thanks to @PF2K for making all of this possible.

    Timeline and planning
    There will be a tight schedule to ensure the tournament can be completed within a single weekend.


    Some of the 1st round matches may be streamed if a streamer is available. Before the tournament days players can indicate their preference for when they play, but those who sign up are generally expected to be available during the entire event.

    General information
    • The timezone used throughout the tournament is the Central European Standard Time (CEST). Please schedule your matches in CEST. You can find the current CEST time here.
    • The planning of the matches will happen in the PvP discord, which you can enter here. For every series there will be a separate channel created. Please organize here together with your opponent the matches you have to play, pick your map and civ veto's (see below), as well as discuss your time preference for any streamed matches.
    • The 16 best PvP players of those that signed up will be selected to participate. The best 8 of these players will be seeded based on previous tournament results and the current ladder rankings. The remaining 8 players will be randomly seeded (this determines who play who).
    • Signing up is possible by replying to this thread. Do not sign up if you have limited time during the timeslots on the 17th and 18th. Players that risk delaying the tournament will be disqualified.
    • The general rules of conduct ingame apply (e.g., no bug or sound abuse).
    • All streamed matches will be streamed on the official stream:

    • Matches
    Except for the initial allocation to High- and Lowgarden, the entire tournament is single elimination. All matches are best of 3 (first to 2 wins), except for the Highgarden finals which is best of 5. All games will be played in champion mode (no gear/advisors, level does not matter). Please remember to make screenshots of your wins if your game is not streamed to be able to advance to the next round.
    • Restarts
    Per game, every player is allowed one restart. Players can indicate they want to restart the game only within the first two minutes of the game. Streamers can indicate they want to restart a game at any moment during the game by resigning. In this case, players are obliged to replay the game. For non-streamed games please take screenshots if your opponent is not following these rules.
    • Civilizations
    Players cannot play the same civilization twice in the same series. Moreover, every player gets to ban one of their opponent's civilizations per series. They can still play this civilization themselves. This has to be posted in the respective discord channel before the series starts. The higher seeded player will have to decide on the civilization they ban first.

    • Maps
    Every round will have a predetermined opening map, after which the loser of a game gets to pick the next map from the map pool. The same map cannot be played twice during a series. Players can ban a map once per series, by posting their veto in the respective discord channel before the series starts. They cannot pick this map themselves afterwards. The higher seeded player will have to decide on the map they ban first.

    Map pool
    Arabia, Coastal, Oasis, Sheltered Pass, Treasure Island, Equal Footing, Bandit Canyon, Mountain Crossing, Swamp Pass, Great Lake, Wildwoods, Babylonian Basin, Twizzletop Mountain, Lowland Groves, & Watering Hole.

    Opening map per round
    1st round: Sheltered Pass
    Quarterfinals: Watering Hole
    Semi-finals: Treasure Island
    Finals: Equal Footing

    The following players have signed up

    @Rohanny Dominguez
    Update: signups are now closed. Click here for information on the 16 selected players and the seeding.


    In the case of less than 16 signups the Lowgarden bracket will not be played.
    Inbetween the 9th and the 16th of August inactive players may be removed and replaced by other players.
    Please bear with any connection issues.
    Rules are subject to change at any moment. Send me a message if any rule is unclear or should be changed.
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