Spartan Team Supremacy - $200+ AoEO 2v2 Tournament

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    Welcome to SpartanxElite's first Supremacy (Premade) 2v2 Event for AOEO! A $200 2v2 Open Tournament, with a bonus $100 if the winning team has both players in the top 5 of the 2v2 ranked leaderboard on the day of the final!

    Organized and funded by SpartanxElite! Join the xElite clan today! (Clan membership not required for participation. For recruitment, contact SpartanxElite ingame or on any AoEO community discord)

    Please sign up using ingame names, and join the PvP discord using ingame names, for simplicity for administrators. Players are to sign up as their premade teams.


    AoEO PvP Discord:


    (*To Be Confirmed*) - Saturday and Sunday of either the first or second week of June, 2022 - 10:00 EST // 14:00 UTC starting times

    Games will be played live on SpartanxElite's Stream. With highlights of the games saved as permanent VODs.

    Prize Pool - $200 USD guaranteed, $100 potential bonus

    Winner takes all! $200 for 1st Place team.

    *Bonus $100 - Both players attain a top 5 position in the 2v2 sparta ranked leaderboard in AoEO and hold it on the day of the finals.


    Teams of 2 will face off in best of one matches in a single elimination format, concluding in a best of 3 grand final.


    The maps will be randomly selected from the "competitive random" map pool for all rounds

    Challonge administration & tournament promotion by VC_Ardeshir.
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