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    Hey everyone,

    Thanks to all the 24 players that have signed up! As promised, the 16 best pvp players have been selected and the top 8 have been seeded, all based on past tournament performance and current standing on the ladder. The result of that is the following (updated version is available in the posts below).


    This makes for the following first round and Highgarden bracket.

    The Lowgarden bracket will be finalized once all the first round matches have been played.

    You have until Friday August 16th 19:00 CEST to play a best of 3 against your opponent. There have been channels made in the pvp discord for each of your matches. Please indicate there your map and civ vetos, and schedule your matches. If you can find a streamer to stream your first match, that would be nice (try tagging the streamer role before your match starts). This is not obligatory.

    I would also like to know your timeslot preference for day 1 of the tournament, if you were to make it that far. See the planning below. The first of the four series will start at 19:00 CEST, and I expect each series to last around 1-1.5 hour. Please indicate if you prefer to play first, second, third, fourth, or have no preference (multiple answers are possible). Please inform me of this in your respective discord channels. No preference is the default option.


    The rest of the signups have been placed on the backup list. Some will have to join the pvp discord if they want to play. These players may be called to participate in case any of the 16 selected players drop out. The first on the list of backup players is @varadha. If any of the selected players cannot make the tournament anymore, please inform him so that he can take your spot.

    Please make sure you are informed of all the information posted in the original topic.
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