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    This is a list of some items that I would like to see legendary versions of these, it contains "good" items that are difficult to obtain by level 40 players :

    Ancient Trojan Guard Chiton (Level 38)
    -Best cloth for gathering wood(+7.2%)

    Bast's Bloodletter(Level 38)
    -Highest health for swords(+41.9%)

    Light Camel Barding (Level 19)
    - Highest movement speed for merchant gear(+8.9%)

    Whirlwind Great Axe(Level 32)
    -Highest health for axes(+26.9%)

    Perseus' Horse Bow(Level 39)
    -Highest cost reduction for bows(-2.3%)
    -Used on Town Center by some players

    Reinforced Walls(Level 18)
    -Highest effective DPS for walls(+21.3% critical chance)
    -Used on towers.
    -Some players prefer Legion Recruit's Fortifications or Wall of the Titans for the extra health. A possible design is to add health on top of the critical chance

    Telemachus' Slaying Spear(Level 27)
    -Highest health for light spears(+18.9%)

    The Hero's Cuirass(Level 39)
    -Highest damage for medium armor (+19.5%)
    -Used on long range units

    Athena's Golden Gorget(Level 39)
    -A light armor with a nice balance of damage and health(+60.7% health, +12.7% damage)
    -Draco's Blackened Gorget (+15% damage)and Pharaoh's Heavy Armor(+22.5% health, +14.5% damage) have a better damage stat but have much less health than Athena's.

    However, I don't think that every "good" item should be a legendary, because it would hurt the current economy either by making high quality crafted items worthless (such as Runic Heavy Bronze Armoring or Druantia's True Oak Staff ) or by making Moe's low level chests less attractive(and ruining a money sink, which leads to inflation).
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    Agreed and also adding legendary advisors for each age, is an idea.

    And balance between epic and legendary items need to be done, my opinion..

    And finally to add a autostack option/comand for materials etc. Pls pls pls...
    Im getting crazy when i need to buy tons of Materials and drag &drop for like 30 mins... Cant start any quests, because of that

    At least HF & GL Mates, greetz.
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