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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by DariusTheGreat, May 12, 2019.

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    I think a new feature that could be added to the game would be a new material exchange. This is a great new system that allows you to exchange your current materials in all rarities to gain other ones but with a cost. This could be added in the 'Global Marketplace' as a new tab. This would not affect the economy of buying/selling materials but rather an alternative to help players get materials. To exchange you have to drag and drop or right click on the material when the 'Material Exchange' tab is open in the 'Global Marketplace', it will then calculate a conversion to other materials which it will display which cost empire points to initiate. To balance it will not be vice-versa. To simplify things a full stack is required for exchanges.


    Common Materials - Cost 10 Empire Points per Exchange

    1000 Common Material =
    Uncommon: 250
    Rare: 25
    Epic: 2

    Uncommon Materials - Cost 25 Empire Points per Exchange

    500 Uncommon Materials =
    Rare: 50
    Epic: 5

    Rare Materials - Cost 50 Empire Points per Exchange

    250 Rare Materials =
    Epic: 10


    This would be the maths, as you probably notice it is not vice versa as this could damage the economy.

    • The exchange accepts and sells all materials except for special event and crete materials
    • Exchange Rate Percentage modifier is added to balance the economy, this can affect the cost of empire points, this is displayed on the UI of the exchange window, the percentage can be affected by special events - for example -50% (half the cost of empire points for all exchanges) for christmas day
    • Once exchange is made it cannot be undone
    • Exchanged Items can be sold as normal
    • This is an automatic vendor exchange and not player controlled marketplace
    • This will give Common, Uncommon and Rare Materials more useful and meaning to have
    • The economy for common to rare materials will raise from this
    • Shops that sell common to uncommon materials still remain
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    Not a bad material sink for the lower tiers for sure. Hard to say if it'd have a negative effect on the epic material supply, but I'd expect that with the legendary crafting patch being so dependant on them, it's probably healthy to do something like this now (before the leg crafting patch it definitely wouldn't have been), and you can use it to suck EP or gold out of the economy. I don't know about scaling the cost to market/economy conditions, as this would (mostly) be a feature for new and broke players, those among the least likely to be hoarding either mats or EP (discounts on holidays/events sound nice though).
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