Looking to Run Some AoEO Tournaments For Oceanic Players Only, In A Couple Of Months!

Discussion in 'PvP Challenges/Tournaments' started by Ardeshir, Oct 17, 2021.

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    I've been wondering how to best grow Aussie/Oceanic interest in the game, and have decided it's time to start hosting some mini tournaments, 6-12 player, $50-80 prize pool, over the next couple of months and into 2022, but I am going to need more Oceanic players to step forward to reach the higher end of that range!

    Consider it a nice starting point with training wheels, as there is tournaments with some highly reputable AoE-series players like ZertoN, TheMista and RecoN, and up to $1000 prize pools in the AOEO global PvP community!

    Join the AOEO PvP Discord to keep up to date on the latest AOEO PvP news!

    Aussie players join here for more info in the coming weeks (PvE'ers as well pls <3)
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