Is it ever worth crafting to sell to vendors?

Discussion in 'PvE General Discussion' started by Pipinghot, Oct 19, 2019.

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    Once you have progressed through the game and get to Lvl 40, it's almost inevitable that you'll have extra stock of lower level Materials sitting around in warehouses. Then you have to decide whether to slowly sell those materials via the Global Marketplace, or maybe craft some items from recipes to sell to vendors.

    For example:
    "Ornate Balanced Spear" - uses only Common crafting materials
    30 Pine Planks
    20 Copper Ingots
    10 Grain
    = 60 total Materials

    Sell to vendor = 60 coins
    Vendor Value = 1 coin per common material

    This value is less than the value of those materials on the Global Marketplace, so obviously this recipe is not something you would want to use to make coins, but I'm wondering if there are other recipes that give a better value than the GM.

    Obviously I'm not looking for a detailed breakdown for every possible item, just curious if it's already well known among the player community whether certain recipes are the best for generating vendor money, and more to the point do any of those recipes generate more coins than just selling the materials on the Global Marketplace?
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