Going Back in Games after Internet Crashes

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Allee, Jul 2, 2020.

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    Welcome all on this thread !

    Well, I played on AOEO for years, and I was really happy servers went back online. I was here when players needed token to create their accounts.

    I would like to thank you all the community developers and helpers, for their time, attention and the great work they did and they are doing.

    There were a lot of new content, new features and some bug fixes (like end of earning infinite gold, or infinite consumables), and it was necessary to make the game better.

    I understand developer team has a lot of work with events, bug fixes, new civilization, new maps, etc. My proposal is not this kind of features, but mostly an internal changes of the game behaviour to improve the user experience.

    Internet is not reliable. Sometimes, there are routers which are down, mice eating wires, thunderstorms (etc.). I would like to say that, sometimes, while playing games (like a long legendary quest), there are Internet outages.

    In AOEO, when the server response is lost, we are disconnected to the server. However, when we come back on the game, let's say 1-2 minutes after the game exits to the main menu, the quest we were playing is cancelled and it is impossible for players to continue. They must restart the quest from the beginning.

    In games like Aion, Leagues of Legends, (... I do not have a lot of references because I am mostly an AOEO player :p), there is a recuperation mechanism to go back on the game after a short disconnection.

    It would be great if a mechanism to come back in the game quest after an unwanted disconnection could be implemented in AOEO-Project Celeste. Hence, a disconnected user would be able to continue its game from where he was disconnected (and if possible, with its friend if it is a COOP).

    I understand it is not a necessary feature (disconnected player just has to do it again). But it would be a great improvement for the user experience (saving time and keeping smiles, and I will be able to play again even with my ADSL).

    About technical details, I do not know how to manage it, because we can not access server-side source code. If every action from the user is sent to the server, it should not be impossible to wait X minutes before cleaning the activity. For the recuperation process, a temporary state could be store every 5 minutes for example.

    I hope this feature will be implemented in the future. It is mostly a programming challenge, and a button on the game when connecting back. "Nothing to animate or graphically design." If it is correctly implemented, it can lead to some replay features too.

    Once again, congratulation for your incredible work

    Allee :)
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    how to play this game on smartphone ? tell me pleas
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    You can't :( Need a computer, though there is support for both Windows and some distys of Linux.
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