Empire Consumables: Convert cost from EP to Coins: at 150 times cost in coin

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Kenji03, Jul 27, 2018.

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    Most of the consumables in the Empire Store are overpowered and not worth their cost at the current rate of Empire Points (15/day). These come in lots of 5, so keep that in mind.

    In order to make them something to be enjoyed and experimented with, without having to log-in 2+ days just to try out the weakest of them, what do my fellow AOEO players think of both converting the cost from EP to Coins, while making them cost 100x more in coin than they would have in EP? Maybe more (200x or 500x) for sake of balance, but I feel that this would still make the consumables very expensive without making them prohibitively so.

    Scout of the Empire would go from 30 EP to 3,000 Coins (600 coins per).

    Berserker Wolves would go from 75 EP to 7,500 Coins (1,500 coins per).

    Labor of the Empire would go from 100 EP to 10,000 Coins (2,000 coins per).

    And the most expensive item: Wisdom of the Empire would go from 1,000 EP to 100,000 Coins (20,000 coins per).
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