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Discussion in 'Connectivity' started by TITI38, Nov 9, 2020.

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    Hello, i need help.

    I, player A, success to play with 2 friends in coop game (player B, & player C).
    An other friend, player D, success to play with the same 2 friends (players B & C).

    My issue : i can't play with player D...

    When i launch the coop game, it wait, and then we have a timeout : "the game can't start".

    Launcher game : v3.2.1.0 for both of them
    We have optical fiber. We tried in 4G too <= i dont think it's a opening port issue.
    I tried with an other computer..

    We tried to cancel quest ...
    We tried to change civ.
    we tried to deactivate firewalls.

    We need help, please..


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