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    Celeste Spartan Champions will begin on July 1st. It will be an invite only tournament, featuring the best AOEO players in the world. The entire tournament will be live streamed @
    This tournament is made possible by the donations we received. Without the donations we would not have had another tournament. So big thanks to everyone who contributed! If you enjoy playing in / watching these tournaments you can donate to future tournaments @ https://streamlabs.com/esoctvaoeo

    Tournament Rules:

    Civilization Rules:

    Players will be told the map, and then both players will log out and whisper the host when they are both ready for the invite. Players cannot repeat their civilization in a series. Unless it is a BO7 and the series goes to game 7. All games we be played in Champion Mode.

    Map Rules:
    The entire tournament will be played as random map. There will be no map vetos and map can be repeated unlimited times in each series. The Caster will use a random number generator to randomly choose the map before each game, then both players will be aware of the map, and then they will be allowed to choose their civilization. The random number generator will work according to the map pool listed below. #1 will give you Equal footing. #2 will be shelter pass and so on.

    Map Pool:

    Equal footing, Shelter pass, Arabia, Mountain Crossing, Coastal, Great Lake, Big Island, Treasure Island, Oasis, Swamp pass

    Casting Rules

    • It is every players responsibility to work with tournament staff for the casting of games.
    • Only casters that have been authorized by the tournament staff will be permitted to stream matches.
    • The players in casted matches will be required to schedule their matches with their opponents and with the authorized caster(s).
    • Players cannot refuse to have their games streamed. If this occurs it will result in an admin loss. If the player decides there is to much lag to play with the caster, then the player can choose to have another caster.
    • All streamed games must have a time delay of 3 minutes.
    • The tournament staff reserves the right to extend the deadline of the match if deemed appropriate.
    • No additional observers may be present in games.
    Gameplay Rules:

    • Caster's can restart the game within 2 minutes as many times as they want if they discover map imbalances. Players can ask for a restart within 2 mintue if the casters find it worthy of a restart.
    • If a player wins a cash prize and fails to claim their prize within 1 month the prize will then be given back to the AOEO bank.
    • If a player forfeits any games in the tournament then that player also forfeits their right to any prize money, and the money they would have won will go back to the AOEO bank.
    • Balance patches may be released during this tournament, games will be played on the newest patch (It is only possible to play on the latest patches)

    • Very rarely AOEO games may crash in the middle of a game. If this occurs take a picture showing proof that the game crashed and send it to the casters. The tournament staff will then decide if the game needs to be replayed or if a player is losing convincingly then they will receive the loss for the game.
    Scheduling Rules:

    • Players must respond with the times they are available to play in their dedicated scheduling thread.
    • Posts in scheduling topics will be considered along with interaction with admins when making decisions regarding scheduling. Other communications will not be considered
    Seeding Rules:

    • The AOEO balance team will vote on the seeding in the tournament.
    Prize Distribution:
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