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    Hello there Celeste players!

    With visiting other players' capital cities getting enabled again, we can now go ahead and have our Capital City Decoration Contests!

    Crassus himself has stepped up and personally funded this contest, being as rich and resourceful as he is.

    As you can see in the attached graphic, we will be accepting entries until 2022/08/25, after which the best submissions will be selected for the community to vote here on the forums.

    When the final winners are determined, we will be sending you your prize directly in your in-game mail. The first and second winners will be contacted here on the forums first so they can select their gear prizes.

    How to Participate in the Contest
    To enter the contest, simply take up to three screenshots of your favorite capital city and post them here in this thread. (or if you can't post them directly here, upload them to imgur and share the link here.)

    Don't forget to include your in-game username so we can send you your prize, should you win any of the prizes!

    Contest Rules
    1. Only post pictures of one capital city. If you have more than one capital city that you would like to share with us, save it for the next contest! This one won't be the last. Participants who post pictures of more than one capital city will be automatically disqualified.
    2. Only post up to three screenshots of your capital city. This is so that going through the screenshots is manageable for us and so that everyone has a fair chance of competing with the others. Participants who post more than three screenshots will only have their first three screenshots considered when choosing the final contestants for the community to vote for.
    1st and 2nd Place Prize Rules
    1. First Place
      • You may choose any piece of gear in the game! That's right! Any piece of gear, including event gear, questline completion gear, you name it.
    2. Second Place
      • You can choose any piece of gear except Event Gear.

    We will be keeping you updated on the contest's voting over at our Discord server, so make sure to join so you don't miss an update!

    All current and future content will stay 100% free and accessible to everyone.

    Project Celeste Development Team

    What do you think about this week's blog? What would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below!

    The Romans are here! Watch the Overview Trailer.

    Project Celeste is completely free and always will be. However, we gladly accept donations for our overhead costs, which are larger than we have budgeted. If you want to support us, you can do so HERE.

    Read every Romans related blog HERE.
    Read every Indians related blog HERE.

    Tell your friends! Join our Discord HERE.
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