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By PF2K on Nov 29, 2017 at 1:27 AM
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    Oct 24, 2017
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    Peltast: Range increased to 14, from 12
    Hoplite Champion: Upgrade cost reduced to 800g, from 1000g
    Temple: Cost reduced to 150w, from 250w

    Camel Rider Champion: Now also grants +10% hitpoints, upgrade cost increased to 450g, from 400g
    Elephant Archer: Pop Count reduced to 4, from 5. Elephant Archer Champion no longer grants -1 pop, but instead grants +25% Crush Armor. Upgrade cost reduced to 1000g, from 1200g

    Bowmen: Hitpoints increased to 115, from 110
    War Academy: Moved to age3, from age2

    Horsemen: Now have 25% Area Damage Protection
    Swanship: Movement Speed reduced to 10, from 11
    Gold Rush: Tech Art updated

    War Chariot: Movement Speed decreased to 7, from 8
    Siege Tower: Area Damage increased to 2, from 1. Siege Tower Champion no longer increases Area Damage but its cost is reduced to 400g, from 1000g.
    Royal Guard: Moved to Age3, from Age4. Champion upgrade still only available in Age4
    Chariot Archer Champion: New Effects: +25% Conversion Resistance, +25% Bonus Damage vs Priests, -25% Cost
    Lancer: DPS increased to 15, from 14. Charge Multiplier decreased to 2.75x. from 3x

    Seer: Researching Eye of Wodan will now rename the unit to Farseer
    Rhapsode: Researching Drink of Aegir will now rename the unit to Noble Rhapsode
    Berserker Champion: Now regenerates 4 health per second, from 2. Movement speed bonus while charging increased to 75%, from 50%
    Skirmisher: Range increased to 20, from 18. Pierce armor increased to 0.2, from 0

    Feel free to discuss the changes below! :)
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