AOEO Legends Tournament - $250+ 8 Player Invitational

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    The AOEO Legends tournament is an 8 person invite only tournament hosted by the Project Celeste Community. Legendary gladiators from all points in the game’s history battling it out in a 1v1 round robin tournament!

    The battle will take place over 2 days, September 11th and 12th 2021!

    Watch live - Project Celeste Twitch Channel

    Watch Vods - Project Celeste Youtube Channel

    Main Tournament Bracket - Challonge

    Tournament Organizer and Primary Caster: Starofknight

    Prize pool:
    Minimum $250 plus any donations made during the event

    1st place: 50% of prize pool
    2nd place: 30% of prize pool
    3rd place: 20% of prize pool

    Community Awards - Best clip:
    Community award that goes to the user who submits the clip with most unique reactions in the PvP discord

    P.S. TheMista makes a return to organized AOEO PvP with this event! Make sure to tune in!
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