149/200 with 10 peasants

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Guitou, Jun 15, 2021.

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    ENG :
    Hello, the game stat normaly, but at a moment, IA attack me, and when I try to create some units for defend my base, i see I have more 300 population.
    When all my army is dead, I have just 10 peasants, but 149/200 population
    After forgive the game, I destroy all my village, and kill my 10 peasants, and game stuck in 139/200

    FR :
    Salut, la partie as débuté normalement, mais à un moment, l' IA m' as attaqué, et quand j' ai voulu créer des unités pour me défendre, j' ai vu que j' avais plus de 300 de population, et quand toute mon armée est morte, il me restait 10 paysans, mais j' étais à 149/200 de population.
    Aprés l' abandon de la partie, j' ai détruit tout mon village, et tué mes 10 paysans, mais le jeu restait sur 139/200

    Setup is :
    Dueling Islands
    Map size : huge
    Map ressources : High
    Player ressources : Low
    age max : IV

    3 vs 4

    Me (Celt)
    IA 1 : Egyptian, unstoppable, general Batoshipip
    IA 2 : Babylon, Standard, general Batoshipip

    IA 3 : Rome, unstoppable, Village Elder
    IA 4 : Rome, unstoppable, Village Elder
    IA 5 : Greek, unstoppable, Village Elder
    IA 6 : Greek, unstoppable, Village Elder

    Here a capture, i have selected all my 10 peasants, and I have no army, and no boats

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    This just happened to me too. I was playing a legendary quest and out of nowhere my active population increased by 96, even though I had no unit at all... I hope they read this and try to fix it! Im glad im not the only one who had this issue
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