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  1. MiniumMaze
    You know where I can get version 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 of the age of empires game online, I'm looking for them but I can't find them
  2. MiniumMaze
  3. wooser
  4. Bacca
    Just grinding!
  5. aGerardo Villanueva
    aGerardo Villanueva
    no se puede ir a la isla encantada no aparece el activador en la capital Celta
  6. dootarzan
    dootarzan PF2K
    i wan to join my girl friend to this game ! and we use each other device some time . can you please tell me is there any ban ristriction for this ??
  7. dootarzan
    dootarzan FinishedBlock21
    hello sir
    i want to join my gf to this game . i want to know that we are using each other device for playing this game . so is there any ban issue will happen in future ???
  8. goorz
    goorz bluesome
    hey there

    I'm not a pro player but if you want to coop sometimes just add me for friend I'm from belgium btw :)

    take care .
  9. Vikbo
    Vikbo PF2K
    Where can i find tha patch notes of pvp ?
    1. PF2K
      You can find a history of the patch notes on the PvP discord.

      As for individual patch notes, check the "Announcements" section of the forums. We post changelogs in each of the server maintenance threads!
      Aug 19, 2021
  10. Raffutal
    Raffutal Wartai
  11. mt60400
    mt60400 Ardeshir
    Hello, I have a problem with the display when I go to the trade on the objects for sale remains an infantry icon, on the Celtic civilization the buildings flash
    can you correct this?
    1. Ardeshir
      Jun 16, 2021
  12. DanRobzProbz
    Find me on YouTube!
  13. Jacob.Shin
  14. Focusthebeast
    "Quack" /°►
  15. mandakafa
    mandakafa TuranianGhazi
    vay be toprağıma bak ... yapıştırmış 1000 gaymeyi helal olsun
  16. Diamones
    Diamones Bjornerik
    Hi, good morning.

    I have some problem with my update launcher.
    My version this game is 3.4.3 but i can't to pass for new version 3.5.0
    How to do update manually?

  17. myaoeousername
    Hello. Going to attempt to build some nice maps.
  18. Sirlucduforez
    Nom de joueur : Cromagnon
  19. Uridium
    Uridium TuranianGhazi
    Selam olsun sana, Ey ulu Türk
    Oyundaki ismini bana bahşeder misin ?
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    2. Uridium
      well do you know english?
      Jan 10, 2021
      TuranianGhazi likes this.
    3. TuranianGhazi
      Yes, I know English of course. I live in the US since '98
      Jan 10, 2021
    4. Uridium
      We have the discord server we set up with the Turks playing this game. Do you want to come ?
      Jan 10, 2021
  20. wooser
    I'm Japanese! I'm not good at English... I'm looking for a Japanese friend. [email protected]
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