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  1. Vinicius Cardoso Barnabé
    Vinicius Cardoso Barnabé abominita
    Boa noite, vc é do Brasil?
    Então meu jogo parou de LOGAR a quase 1 mês, vc está conseguindo logar o seu? ( obs: o jogo funciona para jogar offline quando clico em logar aparece servidor OFFLINE)
  2. Makiver9999
    i very slow.
  3. NCSGeek
    NCSGeek Kenji03
  4. Kenji03
    Kenji03 NCSGeek
    1. NCSGeek
      Hello! If this is true, that'd certainly be useful! What is a good way of contact? Discord?
      Jan 29, 2019
  5. Kenji03
    Kenji03 Jeinx
  6. Kenji03
    Kenji03 Andy P XIII
    1. Andy P XIII
      Andy P XIII
      Cool, thanks!
      Jan 31, 2019
  7. Kenji03
    Kenji03 Ryddag
  8. Kenji03
    Kenji03 smileyguyx
  9. † CmK_
  10. Exclusive0r
    Enjoying the City of Prague
  11. yuri
    yuri PF2K
    hi boss i have x3 master gaunlet can't be added to vault .. they are not second hands
  12. TheSpaniard
    Hark, the Spaniard returns!
  13. hansolo
    hansolo Suomak
    Cod the rare advisor conv 20% IGN hansolo
  14. Exclusive0r
    Happy to be playing crete in AOEO
  15. PaizzZ
  16. Exclusive0r
    Just enjoying the good ole days
  17. JacquesKrige
  18. Kulcsos12
  19. Beb77
    Beb77 Kulcsos12
    Ave Caesar :)
  20. Oranges
    Oranges PF2K
    My name jeff
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