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New Profile Posts

  1. CavalryMan
    Just a strong man who knows how to ride a horse, can ride a horse which knows how to ride a man.
  2. Akhesa
    Akhesa Ryddag
    Bonjour Ryddag. Est-il possible de me MP ici ou sur le GAME. Il y à un bug qui me déplaît vraiment et ne donne vraiment plus envie de jouer. J'ai beau regarder l'espace Bug Report, personne n'en parle. Merci
  3. Carles
    I have already created two accounts and when I travel to another city it hangs and I cannot continue entering cos it always continue hanging
  4. ✟ Crossed-Bayonet ✟
    ✟ Crossed-Bayonet ✟ Spawn
    dostum steam, facebook, instagram herhangi biri varsa verebilirsin sana birşey soracağım
  5. Martin Dobson
    Martin Dobson NCSGeek
    Hi NCSGeek - is there any way to change my name here? Don't even remember how I put my full real name out there - can I change it to just Marti?
    1. NCSGeek
      I'm not sure, I'll bring it up and see what can be done.
      Mar 31, 2018
      Martin Dobson likes this.
  6. SsAnime
    SsAnime Ryddag
    How to fix a player not being able to play with others? Every time we tried to enter a skirmish it says "failed" on his screen. His account is "fartilkc " this is the 2nd day we have tried. :/
  7. Marcus Garcia
    Marcus Garcia
    This is awesome! Thank you for bringing this back to life! One of my favorite games!
  8. Maxrob1
    how to fucking dl the game
  9. Royaliate
    Age of Empire Online hits me right in the memory lane.
    1. NCSGeek likes this.
  10. Palady
  11. Ptamos
    A new Age is upon us.
  12. winx
    winx musictopia
    thank you very much for having returned the game !!! I am very very grateful to you. gorgeous works !! how will I have the opportunity I'll give you money :)
  13. Diamones
    Diamones Luciano
    I need a problem for connection online and a help.

    I used this information but is not works for me. My modem is D-Link from country Brazil and I don't know how to do fix problem in connection pve and pvp. I play others games online and not have problem. I start using hamachi but same problem Game Failed to Launch and blablabla every time when play coop or pvp.
    1. NCSGeek
      Post in the help forums please.
      Feb 13, 2018
  14. Cyberaj
    "Life is about to earn Respect"
  15. bbgambini
    Dank Memes
  16. WiriWout
  17. Plerry2
  18. FuYu
    Shrek is love Shrek is life
  19. NCSGeek
    Celeste Moderation & GameDev team. Feel free to @Mention me on discord or the forums if you need me for anything!
  20. Beb77
    Beb77 PunctualSpark83
    Szia! Bocsánat, hogy nem reagáltam korábban ritkán járok az oldalon :)